Have a killer idea? Come tell us about it and we'll see if we can make it happen for you!

Our partner model is unique - a combination of an accelerator and a startup job! Our tech and product teams will work intensively with you to define, build and launch the idea, with you as an eventual equity partner. Additionally, we will compensate you fairly, give you office space and access to all our resources to make sure you're not worrying about the little stuff, and focusing on building the best business you can!

We use this approach because we believe that the idea is only the first 10 percent. Taking that idea, crafting it, building, launching and monetizing it is 90 percent of what it takes to be successful.

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Why Partner with Us

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Tech Team

Our tech team is skilled at rapid prototyping, extensible, open and scalable rollouts and has experience across a number of industry areas.

We let you focus on your business with the clear knowledge that the tech you'll work with is top notch.


Product Team

Our product team will help you define your product, work out specs, use cases, flows, wireframes, designs and so on, and hand over to the tech guys to build out your product.


Worry about your product, not about what it costs to build (within reason)! We'll help you figure out what it costs to build your idea out, and then if we can all agree to launch it, whaat funding will be required post launch to successfully take it to market and acquire customers.

Our Models

Internal Ideas

We constantly generate a raft of ideas that we want to explore. We come up with these in a number of ways – suggestions, brainwaves, epiphanies and even research! Once we are convinced that we want to proceed with an idea, we look for folks to come on as business managers and/or product heads. Our tech and product teams work with them to develop the idea and launch it to the world!

External Ideas

If you have an idea that you want to explore but not the technical, market or financial resources to do so, come talk to us! If we like what you want to do, we’ll develop the idea and make you a partner. Our tech and product team will help you build it out and launch it. It’s the easiest way to jump into entrepreneurship!